About Sutton Clinical Services

Sutton Clinical Services uses Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Neurofeedback to help clients improve and overcome issues related to: impulse control, self-esteem, anxiety, depression, substance abuse, psycho-physiological disturbances, and more.

We also have remarkable success with children and adults on the autism spectrum.

There are three main beliefs that govern our approach:

1. Clients have usually tried to do the best they could in tough situations with their limited skills, even though their decisions have often led to very destructive consequences.

2. Increasing self-awareness of emotional states, perceived needs, and providing new effective coping skills, clients will manage their previous out of control behavior, anxiety, and depression.

3. Maintaining an empathetic, respectful point of view, while teaching specific skills in self-talk, physiological self-regulation, assertiveness, mental imagery, communication skills, and advanced problem solving, clients will develop successful self-management skills, improve their self-esteem, and act in ways which are significantly less destructive to themselves and others.