List of Services

Providing a broad range of high quality services including:

Diagnostic Interview Examination

A face-to-face evaluation collecting information needed to identify the existence, nature, or extent of psychological or emotional needs. Global level of functioning is assessed to determine individual’s overall level of psychological, social, and occupational functioning. Treatment planning and goals are determined by the examination with client’s input.

Psychological Testing

Testing to determine current level of academic, cognitive, and behavioral functioning that will assist in treatment planning and determination of appropriate educational placements.

Medication Management

Evaluation and assessment of medication needs; effects of medications, and monitoring of positive and negative effects.

Individual Therapy

Face-to-face mental health interventions with an individual and caring counselor . Focus is on improving the client’s emotional and mental adjustment and social functioning through their individualized treatment goals and objectives.

Family Therapy

Family therapy is indicated when a change is desired in the way a family functions. Designed to increase positive family/individual interactions and relationships through problem identification, individual goal setting, improved communication and behavior toward one another.

Parenting Classes

Parenting with Love and Logic is the foundation of the parenting classes offered by Sutton Clinical Services. Additional emphasis is placed on parent support and therapeutic parenting working with children with attachment disorder.


Neurofeedback is direct training of brain function, by which the brain learns to function more efficiently. Very effective for depression, anxiety, autism, stroke recovery, peak performance, etc.

Group Therapy

Group therapy offers many advantages: you are able to hear the feelings and experiences of others and compare or apply them to your life; generally less expensive than individual therapy; group offers additional support.